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Visit Mexico Visa

George asks…

What is the procedure to get the mexico visa?

I want to visit mexico, what should i do to be qualify for a visa??

Tijuana answers:

Anything you have that proves you are in America on any type of Visa is good enough for Mexican authorities. Present your passport and visa to be in the usa and you will be given a Mexican tourist form. Do not discard it while in Mexico.
If you need a special Visa then you have to meet financial requirements similar to an FM3 .
It would have made a difference if you mentioned your nationality. If you are an American then you won`t get a better answer than Charlie`s. It is spot on!

Maria asks…

I just want to know if somebody can travell itally to mexico with 1 year refugee passpot ?

Hello Sir ,
I’ v read a information about mexico visit on your site that a 5 years refugee passport holder can visit Itally to mexico without visa
I just want to know if somebody holding 1 year refugee passport or 3 yrs can travel Itally to mexico without visa or not, so please kindly let me know thanx.

Tijuana answers:

Please see the link and see that Italians do Not need anything special to travel to Mexico.
A Valid Passport is what you need and a Valid Passport will get you an FMM tourist permit that will be dood for 180 days in Mexico.

Things are changing Please read the info on the first page. See the information in the 3 rd paragraph

Richard asks…

Can I go to mexico with a french passport?

I come from France to the United States. I have a french passport not a biometric passport and I do not have a visa. I came here for two weeks leaving on august 20. Can I go to visit mexico? I don’t know if the laws permit it please help.

Tijuana answers:

Yes you can.but if you go by plane you need a temporary entry visa as long your not expired and make sure you come back to u.s.a before the visa expired and back home in france safe.biometric passport exist only where country has advance technology or new machine like united kingdom and u.s.a.its only a year ago this method has been made after or before the terrorist strike in u.s.a,uk and other countries.and by law you can travel as long you have your u.s visa and and when to border in mexico or immigration they will put a stamp in your passport and its depend to the entry officer to issue a entry visa and for what reason?

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