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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Paul asks…

What are the new travel restrictions for non US citizens returning to the US from a visit to Mexico?

I am a Lithuanian citizen with a passport from the Republic of Lithuanian. I am in the U.S. visiting friends. I have a R-Visa. My friends and I want to take me to Mexico (through Tijuana) for the weekend. I am assuming that all I need to re-enter the US is my Lithuanian passport with the R-Visa inside. Do I need anything else. I certainly don’t want to get stuck coming back into the US for the remainder of my visit.

Tijuana answers:

You are good to go. Make sure everything is current.


Laura asks…

can someone from Mexico visit a dying patient in the us?

My aunt is dying. She is 41 years old. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and is dying. She had a headache one night, went to the hospital and two months later(present day) has been unconscious since Sunday. :/ is there any way the only relative who hasn’t seen her lives in Mexico, and all my uncles are saying there is nothing that can be done, but there are always so negative about things. I was hoping someone out there with a similar situation or knowledge about can help out.

Tijuana answers:


Of course they can. They will need to potentially get a VISA. There should be a local hispanic travel agency near you. They can advise you best on how they can get entry!

The other option is to contact a local Mexican consular office. There are many in the U.S., usually in major US cities. They may be quicker, but possibly harder to get through to….
Give it a try if you cannot locate a local hispanic travel agency!


Mark asks…

I am a Filipino multiple entry US visa holder currently visiting the US. What do i need to visit Mexico?

I go to San Diego from time to time which is so close to Mexico. I would like to take the opportunity to see mexico in the near future because of its accessibility to San Diego.

Tijuana answers:

Check first with the Mexican Consulate in San Diego.

Returning to the U.S., bring your passport, visa and I-94 card for a fast reentry.

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