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Visit Mexico

Michael asks…

Are American citizens reqired to have a passport to visit Mexico?

D americans have to have a passport to visit Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

No, Not unless you are flying in, but it is a really good idea.

Birth certificate and photo ID.

Right from the website:

U.S. Citizens ages 19 and older must present documentation that proves both identity and citizenship. Identification documents must include a photo, name and date of birth. View the complete list of acceptable documents at for land travel and sea travel.


Also, I live in NY and work in Canada, I travel cross the Canadian boarder DAILY with my Photo ID. They are part of the same North American Union and have the same border requirements.. Approved travel documents include:

* U.S. Or Canadian passports;
* Trusted Traveler Card (NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST);
* U.S. Passport Card;
* State- or province-issued Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (when and where available);
* Form I-872 American Indian Card, or (when available) enhanced tribal cards;
* Military identification cards presented by members of the U.S. Armed forces traveling on official orders; and
* U.S. Merchant Mariner Document (for U.S. Citizens, when conducting official maritime business).

Lizzie asks…

Can i visit Mexico while visiting United States on B2 tourist visa?

I am a Jordanian citizen , i have B2 visa and my wife is Mexican who is a green card holder. I am planing to visit Mexico while i am visiting my wife in the Untied States . We are planing to visit Mexico while i am there , so can i visit Mexico while my I-94 period still valid ? Can i visit Mexico for a week and get back to Untied States during the valid period of my I-94 card or should i get a new I-94 card to re-enter the Unites states after getting back to Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

You should retain the I-94 and will be readmitted for the balance of the initial admission. Official details here:

Robert asks…

If I am a Mexican nationalized American Do I need a Tourist Permit to visit Mexico?

I currently became a U.S. Citizen, and I would like to know if I need to get a tourist permit to visit Mexico from now on. Also Is it possible to get a Mexican ID and Passport if I am a U.S. Citizen?

Tijuana answers:

Get an American Passport, it`s much easier You can have both but there is No real advantage unless your going on business frequently
I have been told you can use a Mexican Passport to Go and an American Passport when returning. Seems to me they would be asking about your FMM tourist permit. Oh well !

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